Available in:
SI83CE01UN23 - SI83CE41UN23 - SI83CE71UN23 - SI83CE04UN23 - SI83CE74UN23

The Tank Pump Re-Invented

Sauermann engineers have redesigned the tank pump from the inside-out,
making the Si-83 more durable, compact, and powerful than any other tank
pump in its class, all while redefining just how easy tank pump installation
and maintenance can be in the field. The Si-83 even comes with a customized Smartphone App that makes installation both simple and intuitive.

The Si-83 is constructed from rugged materials and components for exceptional durability and reliability. And its unmatched versatility means that the Si-83 tank pump from Sauermann primarily dedicated to air conditioning and refrigeration applications is equally proficient for heating applications.

Very High Performances

Quicker & Easier Maintenance

Quicker & Easier Installation in any place

Exceptional Durability and Reliability

Technical details

  • Max discharge head
    5.4 m
  • Max pressure
    5.7 m
  • Mains supply
    230 V~ 50 Hz - 115 W – 1.4 A
  • Operation conditions
    7 % non-continuous
  • Protection
  • Max condensate temperature
    55 °C
  • Max condensate acidity
    pH > 2,5 (Gas condensing boilers)
  • Color
    Black, blue
  • Tank volume
    2 L
  • Weight
    1.83 g
  • Master pack quantity
  • Safety switch
    NC: 5 A resistive 250 V (SI83CE01UN23, SI83CE04UN23). NO: 5 A resistive 250 V (SI83CE41UN23). NC/NO: 5 A resistive 250 V (SI83CE71UN23, SI83CE74UN23)

Pump Dimensions

  • Length
  • Pump
    287 mm
    146 mm
    129 mm
  • Packaging
    315 mm
    151 mm
    175 mm

Safety standards

  • CE

ROHS and WEE directives

  • Compliant
1 One-piece centrifugal pump with 2 l tank
1 Integrated barb end check valve, Ø ext. 10 mm
1 1.8 m power cord, plug. (SI83CE04UN23, SI83CE74UN23: bare ends)
1 Built-in safety switch, 1 m wires, plug, NC (SI83CE01UN23), NO (SI83CE41UN23) or NC/NO (SI83CE71UN23)
1 Built-in safety switch, 1 m wires, stripped wires: NC (SI83CE04UN23), NC/NO (SI83CE74UN23)
2 screws, 2 plugs
1 Straight connector with tube and ziptie for Ø 6 mm int. tubes