Our Partners: A Chat about the Slovakian IAQ Market

Slovakian flag

INsights recently chatted with Jan Orsula, the owner of Otrade in Prievidza, Slovak Republic.

Otrade was founded in 2006 and focuses on the development and sales of accessories designed for the installation of air conditioning.

Before this company was started, only a handful of companies provided such services in Slovakia, and they were often quite expensive. For example, these companies often charged hundreds of euros for basic condensate pumps.

Jan saw a niche in the market that he could fill with superior products for a suitable price.

Sauermann was a natural partner here with mini-condensate removal pumps such as the popular Si-30.

Otrade has been a partner with Sauermann since 2012. According to Jan, the majority of installers in Slovakia prefer Sauermann pumps because of the high quality, reasonable prices, etc.

They are also a member of the Slovak Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association (SZ CHKT), which provides them with access to a database of installers. In collaboration with Sauermann, they also conduct an Open-House day during an annual aircon conference!

Otrade is located in a small town in Slovakia, but they lead in Sauermann sales in Slovakia! How do they achieve this? They achieve such great results by using a variety of sales channels including an e-shop, Internet platforms, visits to customers, etc. Jan credits this outreach as being very important to their customers. Otrade reacts very quickly on every inquiry, regularly send offers to installers, and visit them personally one or two times a year. Otrade also maintains great relations with transportation and logistics companies, so that an order placed today is often on-site tomorrow!

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