New Class 320 transmitters: mastering indoor air monitoring

Sauermann Class 320

The new Class 320 incorporates the latest technologies to offer professionals ultimate accuracy for compliance in their regulated environments.

Measures all air parameters New colour touch-screen display
VHP-resistant casing 15 new probes


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Sauermann is building on KIMO’s 45 years of expertise and raising the bar even higher for measurement performance with the next generation of premium multifunction transmitters for the most demanding regulated environments. The Si-C320 and Si-CPE320 transmitters are the successors to the C 310 and CPE 310 models, which have a decade-long track record of reliability in cutting-edge industrial applications.

Sauermann Class 320

The new Class 320 boasts a colour touch-screen display in a casing with improved ingress protection (rated IP66) made from materials that are resistant to vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilisation processes. The Si-C320, an external fixed instrument, has four channels for measurements and alarms, supporting both analogue and RS-485 data transmission. The Si-CPE320, meanwhile, is a flushmount model with three channels and a front face made from 316L stainless steel.

The Class 320 transmitters also function with Sauermann Control, a brand-new smartphone app for Windows, iOS and Android devices, giving access to the full range of configuration settings over a wireless connection. Meanwhile, the optional surveillance software can be used to manage the entire network of transmitters installed in a building.

These ultra-precision instruments come with 15 brand-new, latest-generation probes, including differential pressure modules with temperature compensation and auto-calibration via solenoid valve (Si-PRO-DP), as well as two types of temperature and humidity probes: a flushmount version made from VHP-resistant stainless steel for cleanrooms (Si-PRO-U-W), and an external, heated, pollution-resistant variant (Si-PRO-U-I-100-H).

The Class 320 transmitters are made in France, at Sauermann’s factory in Montpon-Ménestérol in Dordogne, where they are assembled on ultra-modern production lines then calibrated at the company’s in-house laboratories, which are certified by COFRAC for temperature and hygrometry. Some of Sauermann’s production systems, such as its quality control cameras, were part-funded through the French government’s France Relance recovery plan, which aims to support those firms making a significant contribution to the recovery of the national manufacturing and industry sector.


About Sauermann

For more than 45 years, Sauermann Group has designed, manufactured and sold products and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets. The group specifically focuses on the detection, measurement and control of indoor air quality (IAQ). The Group has a worldwide presence, is located on three continents (Europe, Asia and North America), has 12 sites (including four production plants), and employs over 400 people.

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