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After the installation or the maintenance of a condensate removal pump, this bottle helps clean the system.

Previously Ref ACC00401

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When vertical installation methods are not feasible, this push-fit fitting tank connector can be used to drive condensate into the side of the tank. For 32 mm (1''1/4).

Part number 

Reduces diameter of tubing coming out of a tank pump from Ø 10 mm  (3/8'')  to  Ø 6 mm (1/4'').

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To reduce diameter between the AC condensate tank and the detection unit inlet.

Previously Ref ACC00201

Part number 

To allow a Ø 20 mm condensate inlet tube into a tank pump through a Ø 32 mm (1 1/4'') PVC tube. 

Previously Ref ACC00230

Part number 

Black rubber connector for diam 32 mm tubes


Part number 

To allow condensate inlet into a tank pump through a Ø 40 mm (1 1/2'') PVC tube.

Previously Ref ACC00240

Part number 

To allow a Ø 20 mm condensate inlet tube through a Ø 24 mm (1'') PVC tube. 

Previousely Ref ACC00225

Part number 

For connecting the AC condensate tank outlet to a mini pump detection unit.  Ø 15mm (9/16"). Length : 500m

Previously Ref ACC00106

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3 size multi adaptor to be used for a range of different tubes Ø 15/17 - 20 - 24/25 - 32 - 40mm (5/8" - 3/4" - 1" - 1" 1/4 - 1" 1/2).

Previously Ref ACC02040