All Sauermann Industrie products are covered by a one-year contractual guarantee, commencing on the delivery date, against manufacturing, material and design defects for use under normal conditions. Exceptionally, products in the condensate removal pump, Si-CA 030/130/230 manifold and 2020 HVACR distribution instrument ranges are covered by a 24-month guarantee, commencing on the delivery date.

All deliveries shall be considered to conform to the order, in quantity and quality, unless the customer issues reservations or complaints relating to visible defects or non-conformity, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within 8 days of delivery.

The guarantee shall not apply in the following circumstances:

  • Damage caused by improper use of the equipment by the customer or by third parties.
  • Damage caused by improper monitoring or maintenance, by normal wear and tear, or by a case of force majeure.
  • Replacement of consumables (batteries, etc.) and parts subject to normal wear and tear.
  • Defects and consequences arising from external causes.

Replacement of parts shall not have the effect of extending the guarantee period. No attempt must be made to repair the products without Sauermann Industrie’s authorisation. Sauermann Industrie makes no warranty that the sold products are fit for a specific purpose connected with the customer’s activity. The customer has familiarised itself with the technical features of the products and has, under its own responsibility and according to its self-determined requirements, decided to purchase the ordered products.

Sauermann Industrie cannot be held liable, or be required to pay compensation or issue a refund, in the event that the customer is unable to use the products in whole or in part due inter alia to equipment incompatibility. Sauermann Industrie shall therefore not be required to compensate the customer (as the user) or third parties for the consequences arising from the use of the products, including direct or indirect damage, personal injury, damage to goods other than the sold products, loss of profits, loss of earnings, damage resulting from deterioration, or loss of data by the customer. Sauermann Industrie cannot be held liable in the event that the products supplied are modified without its prior agreement, or in the event that the products are used improperly or in a manner inconsistent with the supplied user guides or manuals. All product-related photographs, texts, graphics, information and features in the catalogue or on Sauermann Industrie’s websites are non-binding. Consequently, Sauermann Industrie cannot be held liable in the event that such product-related photographs, texts, graphics, information and features are inaccurate or contain omissions.

All software, whether built into the products or sold separately, shall remain the property of Sauermann Industrie. The customer shall benefit exclusively from an end-user licence as granted by the publisher.

In any event, the Sauermann Industrie guarantee shall be limited either to the issue of a credit note for the price actually paid for the defective product, or to the like-for-like replacement of the defective product.