Monitoring and Regulation                                             

Data logging                                                                    

Commissioning, validation and maintenance

Maintaining ideal climatic conditions inside buildings

These days, managing indoor air is a key concern across many sectors and industries. Sauermann offers a wide range of measurement solutions – spanning all air quality parameters in every part of a building and its ventilation system – to help keep conditions perfect for occupants and manufactured and stored products alike.

Air conditioning and ventilation

Managing the aeraulic network

VAC systems cover every part of the air supply, processing and distribution chain in buildings. That’s why Sauermann’s measurement instruments come in various fixed, stand-alone and portable versions, making them suitable for use at any point in the circuit: from the building management system (BMS) and air treatment units, to fans, pipes, filters, vents, diffusers and more.

For every type of building

Every type of building needs a properly managed ventilation and air conditioning system, whether it’s a factory, a warehouse, an office block or a residential property. For this reason, Sauermann’s instrument ranges, which are sold directly and through its distribution partners, are segmented to make it easier for professionals working in different sectors to choose the right products – from quick, easy-to-use instruments for homes and small-scale commercial properties, to higher-capacity instruments for more critical applications.

Air flow dynamics and air properties

Supporting the fight against pathogens

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the vital role of VAC systems in buildings. Air change rate (ACR) has become a key parameter in healthy and safety policies, with recommendations setting a universal limit of 800 ppm of CO2 in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Sauermann has a 45-year track record in measuring key parameters for calculating and monitoring air change rate and air filter fouling, and its instruments are widely used in critical buildings such as hospitals and other health-care settings.

Air flow dynamics and air properties

A building’s ventilation system is responsible for managing both air flow dynamics (air velocity and flow rate) and air properties (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration and pressure). Sauermann’s instruments measure all these parameters with a high degree of reliability and accuracy, backed by calibration certificates issued by specialist in-house laboratories.