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The people who made Sauermann what it is today 

Building Sauermann to what it is today has been a collective adventure. The Group’s success is down to its people, including some notable individuals who’ve made their mark and been behind key milestones in our history.


Our innovations

Sauermann Innovations


45th anniversary: Sauermann spreads across the globe

Sauermann was founded in France but has grown into an international group with a presence in three key global markets (AMER, EMEA and APAC), bringing it closer to its customers in every part of the world.

Europe map

It all began in Europe when, in 1994, Sauermann set up operations in Spain to cater to high demand for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. In 2016, the company established a standalone subsidiary on the Iberian peninsula with its very own labs accredited to ISO 17025 for gas analysis. In 2000, Sauermann branched out again – this time into Germany, which would go on to serve as a gateway into Eastern European markets. A year later, the company opened an agency in Italy. This was followed in 2004 by the launch of Sauermann UK Ltd, which has gone from strength to strength and built a solid reputation in the European home of condensate removal pumps!

asia map

In the same year, Sauermann set out to conquer the Asia-Pacific market with the establishment of an initial administrative subsidiary in Hong Kong. Sauermann HK served as a springboard into the Chinese market, as Sauermann Shanghai opened its first factory and Kimo simultaneously forged a productive partnership with MegaTech in the same city. The merger between Sauermann and Kimo culminated in the acquisition of MegaTech in 2019. The group also looked even further afield, establishing a long-term partnership with Australia-based HVACR Supplies. In 2018, this move ultimately resulted in the creation of Sauermann Australasia – a subsidiary that expanded Sauermann’s footprint across the vast APAC region.

usa map

In 2005, Sauermann made its first foray into North America, with its long-established air-conditioning market. In setting up the Sauermann North America subsidiary, the group’s aim was to build a reputation in the world’s biggest HVACR market just as Asian competitors were moving in with exactly the same ambition in mind. The 2018 acquisition of local combustion analysis specialist E Instruments helped Sauermann lay down firm roots across the Atlantic and expand its operations into South America.

45th anniversary: Sauermann’s IAQ instruments in the spotlight

Sauermann is a major player in Indoor Air Quality, thanks in no small part to its vast range of instruments for the detection, measurement and control of IAQ. Our expansive product portfolio is built on our expertise in condensate removal pumps, and on our acquisition of Kimo and E Instruments, which specialise in air parameter measurement and combustion gas analysis. This successful synergy strategy is designed with a specific aim in mind: to cater to the requirements of professionals in the HVAC-R and IAQ sectors.



45th anniversary: Sauermann embraces the digital age

Sauermann Group has long recognised the benefits of digital technology, taking steps to digitize as many of its products and services as possible – and to do the same across its operations. And this wholesale digital transition is guided by one key principle: doing the best for our customers.

Connected products and services

Technology has changed beyond all recognition since we launched our first electronic measurement instrument back in 1985.


Our latest instruments incorporate the so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT): they connect wirelessly to internet-enabled Android and iOS devices via a dedicated mobile app that’s packed with new features and comes with a fully intuitive user experience. Some instruments, such as our TrackLog data loggers, go even further, transferring data over a LoRa® long-range wireless network to a 4G gateway connected directly to the cloud.

Likewise, our Customer Service Portal lets customers organise more of their metrology services online, allowing them to arrange after-sales care, book calibration at our labs or request a site visit in just a few clicks.

Digitally enabled operations

At Sauermann Group, our digital transformation is already at an advanced stage.

transformation digitale

In late 2019, we launched two fully digital systems in France: CRM (customer database) and CPQ (for managing customers, quotes, offers, prospects and more). In the early part of 2020, our people adopted and even improved these two systems, which are among the cornerstones of our transition. We subsequently expanded both CRM and CPQ to our entities in Italy and the UK in mid-2020, and then to Spain and Germany earlier in 2021. And now, in July 2021, it’s the turn of our entities in the United States and China!

Our fully computerised ERP system, known as QAD, is the second cornerstone of our digital transformation. QAD was launched in 2012 to handle accounting for Sauermann Industrie at Chevry in France. In late 2014, the digital management environment was expanded to include the entirety of our pumps business. And it now covers the group as a whole. The finishing touches are currently being put to the system as it takes over the management of our most complex instrument production activities in France, China and the United States.

Our employees have worked exceptionally hard on successfully digitising the backbone of our operations. So well done to them all!

With every part of our systems computerised, we’re now able to automate the processing of the group’s operational data. And this situation will first and foremost benefit our customers, because we can use this information to learn more about them, to improve how we target our marketing and communication campaigns, and to enhance and fine-tune our products and services so they’re a better fit for our users.

Automation will also benefit our Business Intelligence team, supporting more comprehensive reporting, more granular analysis and enhanced forward-planning capability. All of this will give us a clearer picture of what the future holds across the group, help us refine our strategy, bring our entities together, and ensure we move “Up As One”.

We are all Sauermann

As a way to bring our year-long celebration of Sauermann’s 45th anniversary to a close, here’s a self-portrait of our employees across the globe. These dedicated experts are the people who make Sauermann what it is today – a group that champions diversity and embraces globalisation while remaining close-knit and united. Very much in keeping with our “Up As One” strategic plan!

Sauermann Workforce


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