When Only the Best is Acceptable: Our Condensate Pumps found in Grand Buildings

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Sauermann condensate removal pumps are designed for easy installation and are the `pump of choice` for some of the coolest buildings in Europe.

For example, the Shard building in London is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the fourth tallest building in Europe.

With its mixture of offices, residential apartments, and the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, the Shard building needed a versatile mini condensate removal pump with a very low sound level.

The Sauermann Si-30 pump, with its patented piston technology, was specified for use on the Shard`s `fan coil units.` The Pump`s compact design, easy installation features, and low sound levels were ideal for this multi-purpose building. Tested in an independent laboratory, the Si-30 boasts one of the lowest sound levels on the market  – only 20 db.  This is equal to the ticking sound on a watch and lower than the sound on most standard split A/C units, which range from to 20 to 35 db.

Likewise, the French National Library or `Bibliothèque Nationale de France - Site Richelieu-Louvois` is one of the most complete libraries in the world. It is divided into various departments: manuscripts, photographs, maps, music etc. Environmental conditions can often take a heavy toll on such stock. Variances in temperature, relative humidity, light and pollution can wreak havoc on valuable collections. For example, high humidity can encourage mold and other biological threats with rust and other corrosion often occuring at high humidity levels. Leaks can also occur.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are invaluable in preserving library and archival materials. To mitigate against high humidity conditions, air conditioning systems with condensate pumps can cool and dehumidify museum and library environments while removing excess water.

Sauermann`s centrifugal condensate tank pumps, such as the Si-1850, were ideal for installing in the Bibliothèque. Designed to evacuate hot, heavy, and contaminated condensates that may be produced in large environmentally-controlled buildings such as libraries, it can evacuate up to 1100 litres of condensate per hour.

With such interesting buildings choosing Sauermann condensate pumps for their varying HVACR needs, our pumps are also ideal for homes, offices, and a wide variety of commercial and public buildings! When only the best is acceptable -- choose Sauermann.

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