Safe, Silent, and Helps with the Cleaning: Your Perfect Partner


Creating great products can sometimes be a messy endeavour. When companies create their products, especially in some sectors such as food production, large amounts of small particles from these creations can inadvertently enter air conditioning systems.

These particles negatively impact the smooth runnings of such cooling systems, including the mini condensate removal pumps and detection units. Small particles enter the cooling system and impact condensation and condensate evacuation. A thick and sticky substance known as biofilm is formed and discharged via the condensate tube. This formation makes it hard for the detection unit to work properly, thus creating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

The optimal solution is a detection unit that requires less cleaning, consists of fewer parts, is transparent so cleanliness can be monitored, and is easy to install.

In most cases, a regular Si-30 mini-condensate removal pump could be used to discharge the condensate. However, to help these companies handle large volumes of small particles, Sauermann has released the Si-30 Detect+, which consists of the popular Si-30 pump combined with a new detection unt.  The Si-30 Detect+ has been designed specifically for discharging large volumes of small particles and for reducing the need to regularly clean the filter.

With its double patented mini-condensate removal pump and electronic detection unit with a probe system, it is the ideal combination for businesses such as bakeries, chocolate makers, hair salons, etc. that produce a larger number of small particles.

Its main feature is a new electronic detection unit for controlling on/off and alarm functions. It has been designed without a water-based float, and this design tolerates biofilm and reduces the need for frequent cleaning. It also comes with a transparent tank, which makes monitoring the need for cleaning easy.

The  Si-30 Detect+ has been designed with only two components (the pump and detection unit), and this reduces the potential for leaks and also makes it easier to install, which should appeal to installers and owners alike.

The Si-30 Detect+ also comes with a number of other useful accessories that promote flexible and simple installation including mounting and detector mounting brackets, an adjustable and interchangeable elbow outlet that can make it easier to make hydraulic connections, and a plug-in power cord that prevents unintended disconnections.

It contains all the benefits of the standard Si-30 (and the same pump), including quiet operation (only 20 dBA), maximum flow rate (20 l/h), etc.

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