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Regular Maintenance and Good Pump Selection Ensure HVACR Comfort in the Summer

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With the summer season here, it is important to ensure that your air conditioner (AC) and condensate removal pump are running properly.

To ensure maximum comfort and safety, it is often necessary to get regular maintenance.

When looking at your AC and pump, HVACR professionals can evaluate your overall indoor air quality, clean and check your condensate pump and drainage system, etc.

This can help to:

Prevent flooding: Leaking water from AC units can cause expensive damage. Many AC systems utilize gravity drains and these can sometimes leak. There is a much safer solution: condensate removal pumps. However, even these pumps sometimes need cleaning. If too many particles enter the pump and detection unit, a thick and sticky substance known as biofilm can form, thus creating the need for cleaning and maintenance. If this servicing is not provided, the pump can get blocked and even leak.

Avoid health problems: Condensate removal pumps, by removing condensate to a drainage pipe, also remove a number of health and leakage risks that are associated with stagnant water. However, if they are not working properly, these risks remain.

Reduce energy costs: Condensate removal pumps with their improved performance and high flow rate reduce operation time and energy consumption. However, if your AC system and condensate removal pump are not working optimally, they may use additional energy.

If you need help in finding a new condensate removal pump or are a first time user, we are proud to announce our new App: Condensate Pump Finder. 

One of our new condensate removal pumps is the Sauermann Si-30 Detect+. It can make maintenance easier and comes with a variety of additional advantages.

Its main feature is a new electronic detection unit for controlling on/off and alarm functions. It has been designed without a water-based float, and this design tolerates biofilm and can reduce the need for frequent cleaning in heavy-particle environments such as bakeries, etc. It also comes with a transparent tank, which makes monitoring easier, and a lockable plug-in power cable.

Other condensate removal pumps such as the Si-30 also contain the transparent tank or detection unit. This component is very easy to clean.

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