Keeping Comfortable in Humid Climates


Air conditioners perform two basic functions: heat and moisture removal. In humid and hot climates, they often run 24/7.

As the warm air passes over the cool coil, condensation happens. This excess moisture drips down into a drip pan where a mini condensate removal pump draws it away into the wastewater system. And the more humid the air, the more condensate.

In humid climates, drip pans in air conditioning units can fill quickly and require a strong condensate removal pump. With traditional gravity based systems or with weak pumps, water can remain in the system, clog drains, cause mold and mildew growth, and even leak.

The Si-33 mini condensate removal pump is ideal for humid climates. 

It can pump up to 30 litres (8 gallons) of condensate per hour (versus 19 litres or 5 gallons per hour for the Si-30).

Although it is small in size at just 2 5/8" l x 1 3/4" w x 2 3/8" h (6.6cm x 4.35 cm x 6.0 cm), this pump is a little power house for removing excess condensate that is produced in air conditioning units in humid climates.

It is available in the United States and Europe, has a low sound level, is easy to install, has a high resistance to pollution, and is suitable for air-conditioning units from 20 kW up to 30 kW.

It can be used with all types of indoor units including Wall Mounted, Ducted, Ceiling Suspended and Fan-coils.

It is the perfect pump for keeping comfortable in the tropics!

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