Kimo's TJ range of vertical liquid column manometers are used for measuring variations of pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas within a measurement range. These may vary depending on the type of manometric liquid used: AWS.10 or VOLT.1S.

"J"- shaped column for direct measuring
Zero adjustment by moving the slide strip
For fixed use regardless of the manometric liquid used
For portable use with the TJ model using VOLT.1S liquid
Comes with a white PVC support, two screws and two rawlplugs, two 487 connectors and a bottle of manometric liquid

Technical details

  • Parameters
    Differential pressure
  • Manometer type
    Vertical liquid column manometer
  • Manometric liquid
    AWS 10 liquid, density 0.86 or VOLT 1S liquid, density 1.86
  • Maximum static pressure
    6 bars
  • Reservoir capacity
    20 ml
  • Wall-mounted
    With or without white PVC support

Operating temperature

  • Min
    -20.00 °C
  • Max
    30.00 °C