Kimo's KM series are portable manometers with vertical liquid columns. They are easy to carry,  measure low pressure in gas networks and come with a bottle of VOLT.1S liquid.

U- shaped column for pressure and depression measurement
Direct read-off by moving the graduated slide strip
Safety valves actuation for momentaneous overshooting of the scale
Fitted with valve connectors and mounting hook
Comes with connection sleeves, a bottle of VOLT.1S liquid and carrying case

KM 45

  • Differential pressure
    0-45 mbar

Technical details

  • Parameters
    Differential pressure
  • Manometer type
    Vertical liquid column manometer
  • Manometric liquid
    VOLT 1S, density 1.86 at 20°C
  • Maximum static pressure
    8 bars

Instrument Dimensions

  • Length
    306 mm
  • Width
    50 mm
  • Height
    20 mm
  • Weight
    550 g

Operating temperature

  • Min
    -30.00 °C
  • Max
    60.00 °C