Sauermann Group to Phase Out Kimo Instruments Brand


Unified Brand Approach Both Simplifies and Streamlines Operations

Sauermann Group is proud to announce that it has begun phasing out the Kimo Instruments brand in favor of a unified brand under the Sauermann name.

At the corporate level, Kimo Instruments will be replaced as a co-corporate brand by the overarching Sauermann brand.

The shift has already begun on the product level, where new ranges of products rolled-out in 2019, such as the Si-CA range of combustion gas analyzers or the innovative Tracklog monitoring solutions, have already been branded under the Sauermann logo.

Existing Kimo-branded product ranges, such as the successful multimeter AMI range, will not be rebranded immediately. Subsequent updated products from these lines will be folded into the Sauermann brand as they are released.

This structural move is purely strategic and will have no bearing on the total number of product offerings for either brand. Sauermann has plans to expand their lineup of products in the near future.

Bart Peeters, Chief Communications Officer for Sauermann Group, said the following about the brand merge, “We’ve made the choice to develop the Sauermann Group as a unified, premium global brand because that allows us to better serve our customers and partners.” He added, “Sauermann is already a recognized name in the industry throughout the world, and a concentrated branding approach will allow us to build on that brand capital without diluting the brand or confusing consumers.”

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