Sauermann unveils the new-look Si-20: the slimmest mini pump money can buy

Si-20 Sauermann

With its brand-new design and next-gen core pump technology, the Si-20 mini pump delivers cutting-edge performance and exceptional installation versatility.

Ultra-powerful Silent
Quick and flexible to install Reliable and environmentally sustainable


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Sauermann has overhauled the design of its Si-20 mini pump inside and out, setting new benchmarks for performance, discretion and reliability.

Si-20 Sauermann

The new condensate removal pump achieves a best-in-class balance between size, power and whisper-quiet operation. With its redesigned profile from Sauermann’s R&D team, the Si-20 is the slimmest mini pump money can buy – and it’s compatible with air conditioning units of all types. The pump can be installed inside the unit, or easily affixed to cooling tubes in even the narrowest of lineset covers.

The integrated next-gen core pump system is much more compact than its predecessor without compromising on the cutting-edge performance of Sauermann’s patented piston pump technology, which has a proven track record of efficiency stretching back over 12 years. The result is a model that delivers record condensate removal capacity for its class: up to 20 litres per hour, meaning it’s compatible with air conditioning units of up to 20 kW.

Sauermann’s R&D team designed the new Si-20 with environmental responsibility in mind. Built as a long-lasting replacement for most market-standard models, the mini pump was developed and tested for maximum reliability. It’s also easy to take apart, so its components can be recycled.

The Si-20 is made at Sauermann’s factory in Chevry-Cossigny, northern France. It’s assembled on a brand-new robotic quality control machine part-funded through the French government’s France Relance recovery plan, which aims to support those firms making a significant contribution to the recovery of the national manufacturing and industry sector.


About Sauermann

For more than 45 years, Sauermann Group has designed, manufactured and sold products and services dedicated to industrial and HVACR markets. The group specifically focuses on the detection, measurement and control of indoor air quality (IAQ). The Group has a worldwide presence, is located on three continents (Europe, Asia and North America), has 12 sites (including four production plants), and employs over 400 people.

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