Sauermann measurement instruments monitor a broad spectrum of indoor air quality parameters and serve a wide range of applications, from building ventilation (heating and air conditioning) systems, to cold-chain installations and combustion gas analysis. Backed by our testing laboratories and in-house research and development program, Sauermann instruments deliver the accuracy and reliability that HVACR engineers need.

Clean rooms and regulated environments

In clean rooms, avoiding contamination depends on irreproachable indoor air quality management. That’s why, for 45 years, Sauermann has been putting the best of its R&D expertise to work for these critical environments.                                                        

Air conditioning and ventilation

These days, managing indoor air is a key concern across many sectors and industries. Sauermann offers a wide range of measurement solutions spanning all air quality parameters in every part of a building and its ventilation system.

Heating and combustion

To ensure the safe and efficient functioning of heating systems, Sauermann provides high precision instruments to perform all necessary functional checks, adjustments, and measurements.                                                                                  

Smart building and comfort

Smart buildings infuse a high degree of intelligence into managing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Sauermann offers high end tools to calibrate and configure even the most advanced air quality management systems.                                                                  

Refrigeration and cold chain

At the basis of cold chain and sensitive production processes, refrigeration is among the most essential industries worldwide. Sauermann instruments can verify with certainty the smooth, safe and reliable operation of these critical installations.