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Class 320 Multifunction Transmitters

Mastering Indoor Air Monitoring

Class 320 Transmitters

Sauermann leverages KIMO's 45 years expertise legacy and keeps on perfecting the art of measurement

45 years of experience

Ultimate accuracy for compliance. The new Class 320 transmitters is designed for cleanrooms, regulated environments and industrial VAC installations where an efficient regulation and monitoring of the air parameters is needed.

Get reliable measurements and achieve compliance with even the strictest regulations.

VHP Resistant

VHP Resistant

RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol

RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol

touch screen display

Touch-screen display

The Products

Si-C320 Transmitter


Industry ‚Äď Laboratories

The Sauermann Si-C320 is an evolution of the KIMO C 310. 

  • Supplied with adjusting certificate¬†
  • 2 inputs for probes
  • 1 input for internal differential pressure sensor¬†

For clean rooms, regulated environments and industrial VAC applications where a perfect regulation/monitoring of the air parameters is needed, our Si-C320 transmitters provide reliable measurements and allow achieving compliance with the strictest regulations. 

Si-CPE320 Flushmount transmitter


Clean Room Special

The Sauermann Si-CPE320 is an evolution of the KIMO CPE 310. 

  • Supplied with adjusting certificate¬†
  • Auto-calibration solenoid valve¬†
  • 1 input for external probes

For clean room applications, the Si-CPE320 transmitter is flush mountable to avoid disturbing the working environment. It is equipped with a high-grade stainless-steel waterproof front panel with an integrated touch screen. Equipped with the same technologies as the Si-C320, this panel-mounted version provides state-of-the-art reliability and accuracy. 

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Monitoring and regulation of differential pressure, relative humidity, temperature, air velocity and ACR in cleanrooms, operating rooms

Air parameters monitoring in glove boxes, fume hoods, isolation cabinets, vial filling machines

Monitoring of drying processes in industrial manufacturing (bricks, pasta...)

Mobile app

sauermann control app

Sauermann ControlSauermann Control

Dedicated mobile app

  • Wireless connection
  • Full device control¬†
  • One-click firmware update¬†
  • Remote measurement viewing

Software solution

Monitoring system


Sauermann offers a state-of-the-art software solution for data acquisition and controlled environment monitoring. This software environment manages transmitter measurements and alarms across large-scale networks.

Modbus protocol

MODBUS Protocol

Ethernet communication

Ethernet communication

255 device network

A network of up to 255 devices



High accuracy, stable and reliable long-term measurements

A total of 15 probes are available to order from our Customer Service department. 


Heated stainless steel humidity and temperature probe 

  • High-performance¬†heated sensor¬†
  • Resistant against pollution



Flush mounted humidity and temperature sensor 

  • Focused on clean rooms¬†
  • VHP resistant, stainless-steel body¬†


The right accessory for every need

More than 50 kits and accessories are available on demand: junctions, AC and DC power supplies, cables and extensions, adapters, protections, mountings, etc. 

External protection against solar radiation and rain fall.

External protection against solar radiation and rain fall.

DEBIMO measuring blade (velocity / flow rate)

Debimo blade