Sauermann Unveils Enhanced Delta Pack - A Powerful Collaboration with Installers

delta pack UK Launch

The Sauermann Group has unveiled a new Delta Pack 80X60 with a new design encompassing a universal pump in enhanced trunking.

The Delta Pack has always been a popular kit, intended for wall mounted air conditioning units.

This new design has been created by collaborating closely with installers, to ensure a much easier installation and maintenance experience.

As well as removing the connector piece between the elbow and straight length, features include; a convenient quick fit and release corner piece that requires no tools, a high-performance compact pump with a transparent and removable reservoir, a translucent hose that has been extended to 650mm making an easier connection to the wall mount drain. The translucent hose allows the installer to track water flow and identify potential blockages. The protection film on the elbow and straight duct ensure cleanliness during installation.  

As with previous Delta Packs, the kit contains the universal replacement Si-10 UNIVERS’L  pump, which boasts the latest patented piston-pump technology, giving a premium performance. The pump has been independently tested to ISO standards to ensure quiet operation; negating the need for anti-vibration accessories found on inferior pumps on the market. The 20 l/h flow rate allows the installer to have peace of mind to install in any environment.

¨The Sauermann Group is very excited to release this updated Delta Pack¨, said Serge Bohyn, CEO of the Sauermann Group. ¨With its improved design, it provides installers with an easy installation and maintenance experience, as well as proven reliability.¨

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