Maintaining flow measurement reliability

The flow sensors in the ducts of dedusting systems use very reliable "Pitot" technology, but they are naturally subject to clogging. A cleaning solution exists to maintain the reliability of their measurements.

Dedusting systems are essential for evacuating particles and pollutants, and require continuous airflow measurement, the accuracy of which must be maintained to ensure optimum efficiency of the building's aeraulic system. However, this measurement is disrupted by the inevitable clogging of flow sensors by dust.

Parameter to be monitored

  • Air flow

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

The best monitoring solution is based on a transmitter equipped with a self-calibrating pressure sensor and a stainless steel Pitot S probe.

The DEBIMO wings solution has the advantage of providing a multi-point measurement that gives a meaningful average of the entire duct cross-section. For maximum durability, these aluminium wings have an optional ECTFE treatment for solvent resistance.

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CP 210-R

Differential pressure and temperature sensor

Kimo’s CP 210-R measures air velocity, airflow & pressure and is ideal for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Depoussierage pitot S
Spot measurements

Spot measurements

Spot measurements are used to check the condition of the airflow network and its dust collection system, to ensure that airflow is guaranteed at different points in the ducts. They are used for periodic maintenance and repair operations.

A good portable measuring device can also be connected to Pitot S or DEBIMO probes installed in ducts to check that they are working properly. Their calibration must be certified to provide accurate measurements for comparison with those of fixed transmitters.

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MP 210


Kimo’s MP 210 micromanometer measures pressure, air velocity, airflow, temperature, tachometry, gas leak and carbon monoxide (up to 6 simultaneous measurements).

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AMI 310


Kimo’s AMI 310 measures simultaneous parameters including pressure, temperature (Pt100 and thermocouple), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity, airflow (vane probes and hotwire), and tachometry.

depoussierage mp 210
Metrological Services

Metrological Services

The airflow test benches in our laboratories can calibrate all types of airflow measurement devices.



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