The Perfect All-in-One Tools: Introducing our Smart Wireless Manifold and Vacuum Probes


A career in HVACR requires the use of many tools. For many technicians working in the heating and air conditioning trade, this means carrying around multiple instruments to complete different installation and servicing tasks. Troubleshooting often requires knowledge of temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.

These tools often include a manifold, vacuometer, thermometer and others. A manifold reads the pressure of various liquids and gases in an HVACR system, as well as vacuum pressure when you are replacing gas or charging a device. It is a handy device to regularly check system pressures, temperatures, superheating and sub cooling, etc.

In recent years, digital manifolds are becoming a lot more popular because readings can be done quickly and reliably. In addition, the price for digital manifolds has lowered considerably since the first generation of digital products. If technicians would like to lessen their device load and take advantage of comprehensive all-in-one products, Sauermann has released the Si-RM3 Smart Wireless Manifold, the Si-RV3 Vacuum Probe, and the Si-RM13 Combined Manifold.

The Si-RM3 comes with two pressure probes that accurately measure high side and low side pressure and Si-Manifold App software that instantly displays condensation/evaporation temperatures for up to 126 refrigerants, including new low global warming potential (GWP) and natural refrigerants. Two temperature probes are used to accurately and simultaneously provide real-time superheat/subcooling calculations and eliminate the need for manual calculations. A second connection allows charging of the system, and the built-in Schrader® core prevents leaks during connection/ disconnects.

The Si-RV3 supports the quick, safe evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps with highly accurate measurements. Its high- precision Pirani® sensor provides precise deep vacuum measurements and is designed to accurately and quickly measure vacuum levels from 25,000 to 5 micron in eight different scales (Micron, Pa, hPa, mbar, Torr, mmHg, inHg, inH2O). It also provides H20 evaporation temperature on the application software in real-time.

Both smart wireless devices come with wireless technology and Si-Manifold App software for iOS and Android that provides data logging, tightness testing, pressure target settings, H20 evaporation temperature, and a vacuum function. They also provide report exportation in PDF, CSV and XML formats and have gauge, table or graphic visualisations.

The Si-RM13, in addition to the digital probes, also comes with an analog manifold containing a sturdy block made of anodized aluminum and flexible hoses. 

These devices combine benefits that were previously available to technicians only when they utilised multiple instruments. By combining an ergonomic design, manifold technologies, the ability to measure tightness, and a vacuum probe, our new line of devices offer all-in-one solutions that should be part of every technician`s toolbox.

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