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In clean rooms, air parameters need to be regulated and monitored around the clock. At Sauermann, we put every inch of our expertise to work to develop premium measurement instruments that set the bar high for reliability, accuracy and durability.

This type of application requires multifunction transmitters, or transmitters specially designed to measure a specific parameter. The constant monitoring system is linked to real-time regulation of the ventilation system via a network of instruments, which themselves are connected to a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system.

This interconnected architecture, known as Building Automation, forms the core of Building Management Systems (in commercial applications) or Centralised Technical Management systems (in industrial premises) – automation systems that also optimise the building’s energy use by analysing data collected by our measurement instruments.

That’s why Sauermann’s transmitters are open by design, meaning have standard outputs – both analogue and digital. And our transmitters offer the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to Building Management System topology, structure and configuration. The aim is to monitor air quality parameters non-stop and around the clock, to achieve flawless indoor air quality management and to support preventive maintenance of the ventilation system.



Sauermann’s multifunction transmitters are the most advanced instruments of their kind in our range – and the go-to choice for round-the-clock monitoring of clean room environments.

These instruments are designed with flawless, permanent operation in mind, leaving the rest of the market trailing when it comes to accurate, reliable measurement of a wide range of air parameters – including one of the most important parameters for professionals in regulated environments: differential pressure.

These transmitters can also accommodate additional probes for measuring and displaying up to four parameters simultaneously (pressure, temperature/humidity, air velocity, air flow, and CO/CO2/VOC concentration).

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Multifunction transmitter

The Sauermann Si-C320 is an evolution of the KIMO C 310.

For clean rooms, regulated environments and industrial VAC applications where a perfect regulation/monitoring of the air parameters is needed, our Si-C320 transmitters provide reliable measurements and allow you to achieve compliance with the strictest regulations.

The Si-C320 housing is waterproof, rugged and resistant to vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP). It also features a colour touch screen for comprehensive viewing and advanced control of measurement parameters.

In addition, measurements can be recorded and downloaded via the Sauermann Control application/software.

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Multifunction panel transmitter

The Sauermann Si-CPE320 is an evolution of the KIMO CPE 310.

For clean rooms applications, the Si-CPE320 transmitter is flush mountable to avoid disturbing the working environment. It is equipped with a highgrade stainless-steel waterproof front panel with an integrated touch screen.

Equipped with the same technologies as the Si-C320, this panelmounted version provides state-of-the-art reliability and accuracy.

In addition, measurements can be recorded and downloaded via the Sauermann Control application/software.

Si-CPE320: Optional wireless communication module
Si-CPE320-W: Integrated wireless communication module

multifunction transmitters


Measuring pressure is especially important in regulating the incoming air dynamic pressure and monitoring air filters, which clog foul at different rates depending on their filtration efficiency.

Differential pressure manometers also monitor high-side and low-side pressure in production rooms. Differential pressure measurements in critical rooms are crucial to maintain the extremely low concentration of airborne particles. These measurements are used by the regulation systems to manage efficiently the ventilation in each area. Our differential pressure transmitters are renowned for their outstanding performance.

Flushmount transmitters also monitor zone-specific confinement in order to avoid atmospheric contamination in pharmaceutical production and hospital settings.

Building on its long-standing expertise in pressure measurement instruments, Sauermann’s solutions – connected transmitters and liquid column manometers – cover every application. Our transmitters are ideal for recording values remotely and over time. Our liquid column manometers are unmatched when it comes to durability and function without a power supply, which makes them exceptionally resilient.

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CP 210-R

Differential pressure and temperature sensor

The CP 210-R measures the differential pressure of air (and neutral gases), and is ideal for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

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HP Series

Inclined Liquid Column Manometers

Kimo's HP range of inclined liquid column manometers are recommended for measuring overpressures in clean rooms, operating blocks, laboratories, aseptic rooms, laminar flows etc.

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CP 110

Differential pressure transmitter

The CP 111 / 112 / 113 measure differential pressure from -100/+100 Pa to -10,000/+10,000 Pa (according to models).

The CP 114 / 115 measures pressure from -500/+500 mbar to -2,000/+2,000 mbar.

Temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity

According to ISO 14644-3, the ventilation system in a clean room must be capable of maintaining temperature and humidity values within operation-specific limits. These rules are designed to prevent common problems such as the expansion or contraction of materials, the spread of pathogens, and corrosion.

All Sauermann temperature transmitters measure relative humidity. They are used in all applications, and are especially popular in the pharmaceutical industry, where production zones often have to adhere to strict environmental standards for product preservation reasons.

These transmitters can also be found in storage and packing areas in health care, high tech and other critical manufacturing sectors.

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TH 210-R

Humidity and temperature sensor

Kimo’s TH 210-R measures humidity and temperature including 0 to 100 % RH and -20 to +80°C (ambient model), -20 to +80°C (pc remote probe), and -40 to +180°C (stainless steel remote probe).

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TH 110

Humidity and temperature sensor

Kimo’s TH 110 measures humidity and temperature from 5 to 95% RH and from 0 to 50°C or from -20 to +80°C.

temperature and humidity
Air velocity and air flow

Air velocity and air flow

The air flow through inlets and outlets needs to be precisely controlled in order to maintain a sufficient air change rate within different zones of a clean room complex. Meeting this stringent requirement becomes even more challenging when indoor air is purified by filters that capture bacteria, viruses and other airborne particles. These filters disrupt the air flow, potentially creating turbulence or reducing flow rates.

Clean rooms in the most stringent ISO classes (1-5) must have a turbulencefree laminar air flow that optimises air circulation and air change, while maintaining pressure at a sufficiently stable level to keep it above or below atmospheric pressure. Keeping check on the ventilation system to make sure it is perfectly balanced means measuring air flows around the clock.

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CTV 110

Temperature and air velocity transmitter

Kimo’s CTV 110 measures temperature and air velocity from 0 to 30 m/s and from 0 to 50°C.

air velocity and air flow

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