The warranty for new Si-CA 030, Si-CA 130, and Si-CA 230 combustion analyzers guarantees that the instruments are free from manufacturing, material, and design defects for use under normal designed conditions.

The standard warranty period for Si-CA 030, Si-CA 130, and Si-CA 230 is two (2) years.

The warranty period commences on the day which the end user of the instruments purchases a new combustion analyzer either directly from Sauerman or from a distributor. 

All deliveries of new products shall be considered to conform to the order, in quantity and quality, unless the customer issues reservations or complaints relating to visible defects or non-conformity, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, within eight (8) days of delivery.

Covered under warranty:

The warranty covers non-consumable parts such as gas sensors, pressure sensors, pumps, probes, batteries, display screens, solenoid valves, circuit boards, power supplies/chargers, and plastic shell pieces. The labor included with the replacement, testing, control, and calibration of parts covered by warranty is also included with the warranty. Replacement of parts shall not have the effect of extending the original guarantee period for the entire instrument.

Spare parts:

Any replacement spare parts that are installed at an authorized Sauermann service center or installed correctly by the end user have a one (1) year warranty period. This replacement part warranty commences on the day the part is installed at the Sauermann authorized service center or when the part is purchased by the end user for their own installation. The replacement part warranty only covers the specific parts that are replaced and not the entire analyzer.

Not covered under warranty:

Consumable items such as filters, printer paper rolls, and O-rings are not covered by warranty.  Complete calibrations of the combustion analyzers including a calibration certificate are not covered by warranty.  Any labor involved with investigating and testing for potential warranty issues in cases where warranty does not apply is not covered by warranty.


No attempt must be made to repair the products without Sauermann authorization. Sauermann makes no warranty that the sold products are fit for a specific purpose connected with the customer’s activity. The customer has familiarized itself with the technical features of the products and has, under its own responsibility and according to its self-determined requirements, decided to purchase the ordered products.

The warranty shall not apply at the discretion of Sauermann for any of the following cases, but not limited to these listed cases:

  • Misuse, negligence, and/or abuse of the combustion analyzer and/or any of it’s accessories by the end user or third parties
  • Over-ranging of gas, pressure, and/or temperature sensors
  • Damage (including corrosion) from normal wear and tear, from a case of force majeure, or from improper operations, maintenance, or storage of the analyzer
  • Operations for applications for which the combustion analyzers are not designed to be used
  • Improper installation of parts by the end user or third party
  • Defects and consequences arising from external causes such as extreme weather conditions
  • Design changes or modifications were made to the products without Sauermann authorization
  • Usage of non-Sauermann parts in or with the analyzers

Sauermann cannot be held liable, or be required to pay compensation or issue a refund, in the event that the customer is unable to use the products in whole or in part due inter alia to equipment incompatibility. Sauermann shall therefore not be required to compensate the customer (as the user) or third parties for the consequences arising from the use of the products, including direct or indirect damage, personal injury, damage to goods other than the sold products, loss of profits, loss of earnings, damage resulting from deterioration, or loss of data by the customer. Sauermann cannot be held liable in the event that the products supplied are modified without its prior agreement, or in the event that the products are used improperly or in a manner inconsistent with the supplied user guides or manuals. All product-related photographs, texts, graphics, information and features in the catalog or on Sauermann’s websites are non-binding. Consequently, Sauermann cannot be held liable in the event that such product-related photographs, texts, graphics, information and features are inaccurate or contain omissions.

In any event, the Sauermann warranty shall be limited either to the issue of a credit note for the price actually paid for the defective product, or to the like-for-like replacement of the defective product.

For warranty claims, the end user is responsible for the freight charges to return the products to a Sauermann authorized service center.  The authorized Sauermann service center is then responsible for the return freight charges back to the end user for approved warranty claims.

Warranty applies only to the end users of the Si-CA 030/130/230 combustion analyzers, and the warranty cannot be transferred to another party.