Si-K25 - Si-K85

The Si-K25 and Si-K85 are airflow measurement cones designed for 100 mm diameter vane anemometers. These models feature a honeycomb-structured airflow straightener that reduces turbulence for more reliable flow measurement. 

The Si-K25 and Si-K85 are perfectly suited to Kimo LV 110 and LV 130, VT 210, MP 210 and AMI 310 anemometers

The Si-K85 square cone can be used with medium-sized air vents.
The Si-K25 round cone is designed for small and medium-sized round vents.




Si-K25 (28111)
Si-K85 (28112)
10 to 400 m3/h
10 to 400 m3/h
Internal dimensions
Ø 260 mm
350 x 350 mm
External dimensions
L 282 x W 282 x H 268 mm
L 372 x W 372 x H 327 mm
Supply and exhaust volume flow rate
Compact, easy to handle single-piece design
Designed for all major air vents
Integrated airflow straightener
For Ø 100 mm vane anemometers
Transport bag and Quick Start Guide