Sauermann is a global company with production sites in France, United States of America and China. Following the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, we are monitoring the situation closely.

Updates are posted on this page:

03/23/2020 :
Still on the front line in the battle against the virus, Sauermann is proud to equip field hospitals with differential pressure sensors with solenoid valves. These instruments constantly monitor the vacuum in the containment chambers so that the virus will not spread outside the room.

Field hospital pressure sensor

03/20/2020 :
More than ever, we are at your side and remain convinced that we will succeed, together and in solidarity, in overcoming this crisis we are facing.

03/18/2020 :
We are committed to helping each other and actively support our partners and suppliers to help them sustain business, at least on a partial basis.

03/16/2020 :
Implementing our business continuity plan: our employees continue their work in all our establishments and production lines. Requests are handled at home office, and employees who cannot work at home take advantage of all the security rules and safety measures required by the French government, and strictly followed by the company.

03/13/2020 :
We have secured our logistics networks in France and Europe, to ensure our supplies of components, as well as deliveries to our subsidiaries and customers.

Italy: Our main Italian subsidiary is outside the inner containment zone. We have taken all necessary actions to secure our supply chain in Lombardy.

New instructions are given to Sauermann employees: business trips outside the European Union are cancelled. Likewise, employee movements between Sauermann's locations, and in European risk areas, are suspended until further notice.

Sauermann's management has issued to all its employees the preventive measures to be taken to avoid or slow down the spread of the virus as much as possible. In case of fever or coughing, employees are advised to remain confined at home.

Highly solicited during this period of crisis, Sauermann responds to the demand of many medical establishments in China and Europe by supplying its measuring instruments for air control and monitoring. Sauermann remains a major player in hospital equipment! At the forefront to face the crisis!

coronavirus crisis sensors

All staff at our factory in Jiading District returned to work on site.
Our suppliers in Asia gradually began making deliveries again, with our entire purchasing and supply team monitoring the situation closely.
Our logistics partners operating within China and serving our locations in Europe and the United States resumed operations.
Our factory in Jiading District, Shanghai, re-opened at reduced capacity, with 50% of staff on site.
Uncertainties remained around the component manufacturers and logistics companies in our supply chain.
We completed our supplier mapping exercise (supplier locations, operational status and workforce capacity).

Coronavirus update

Blue circles : Suppliers' locations
Red circles : Infected aera

Operations resumed at our head office in Pudong.
We set up a special email account for all enquiries related to the coronavirus outbreak:
We began assisting our national and international sales team, with daily updates on the evolving situation.
We conducted a situation analysis, mapping our products and suppliers, assessing inventory status, and identifying every link in our component/product supply chain.
We put arrangements in place to share details of our impact assessment.
We set up a crisis management unit to oversee all aspects of the situation, and to assess its impacts and implications for Sauermann Group’s business and our ability to deliver to our customers.
We reviewed the personal circumstances of all staff members working at our two sites in Shanghai (Jiading and Pudong).
We took an inventory of thermometers and personal protective equipment (masks, goggles and sanitiser gel) and shipped supplies as required.

supply chain

For any information on our supply chain in relation to COVID-19, do not hesitate to contact us through