Facing the new sanitary measures against COVID19, Sauermann reiterates its determination to pursue its activity. The Group remains faithful to its commitments, in order to play its part in the battle against the virus.   

In France, given the government’s decision to favour the continuity of economic activity, Sauermann's organisation remains identical to that of the previous recovery phase. Our production lines, as well as our commercial and administrative teams, remain operational in order to best serve our customers.   

Our workforce has already proved its worth since the beginning of the year. Today, it is even better prepared to contribute to the battle against the virus. Its protection is ensured in all our premises throughout the world with all the necessary precautions in place. 

Some of our measuring instruments are still on the front line against the spread of the virus in laboratories, medical institutions, as well as schools and companies. This is why Sauermann is determined to secure its supply lines, so as to maintain production and best serve the needs of the community. 

During these difficult times, let’s stand all together and keep moving forward! 

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