Industrial filtration

Air handling unit filter monitoring

Ensuring good air quality in an industrial environment is essential to protect both employees and production. With this in mind, our instruments monitor air handling units (AHUs) and their filters.

For preventive maintenance, continuous monitoring of the differential pressure (ΔP) across each filter in an AHU prevents problems associated with clogging. This not only protects the health of employees and the quality of the products manufactured, but can also have a significant impact on controlling energy costs.

Parameters to be monitored

  • Differential pressure

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Our differential pressure sensors monitor filter clogging and fouling to avoid production downtime due to maintenance. Our mechanical pressure switches can also generate the necessary alarms.

Particularly reliable and equipped with a self-calibration system, our top-of-the-range electronic transmitters are recommended for more effective monitoring: transmission of measurements to a control system, display of values, visual and audible alarms, etc.

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CP 210-R

Differential pressure and temperature sensor

Kimo’s CP 210-R measures air velocity, airflow & pressure and is ideal for use in industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

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Multifunction transmitter

The Sauermann Si-C320 is an evolution of the KIMO C 310.

For clean rooms, regulated environments and industrial VAC applications where a perfect regulation/monitoring of the air parameters is needed, our Si-C320 transmitters provide reliable measurements and allow you to achieve compliance with the strictest regulations.

The Si-C320 housing is waterproof, rugged and resistant to vaporised hydrogen peroxide (VHP). It also features a colour touch screen for comprehensive viewing and advanced control of measurement parameters.

In addition, measurements can be recorded and downloaded via the Sauermann Control application/software.

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C320 filtration
Spot measurements

Spot measurements

Portable instruments give technicians greater mobility during preventive inspections. Technicians need to be able to reach pressostats and pressure transmitters without difficulty, thanks to lightweight, practical and accurate equipment.

Our portable manometers cover all the needs of technicians for spot measurements. Some simple, robust models can check the condition of filters. Other versatile and upgradeable models also measure speed and flow with modular probes.

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Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-PM3 digital differential pressure manometer easily measures pressure.

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MP 210


Kimo’s MP 210 micromanometer measures pressure, air velocity, airflow, temperature, tachometry, gas leak and carbon monoxide (up to 6 simultaneous measurements).

Si-PM3 filtration
Data logging & Traceability

Data logging & Traceability

Our differential pressure data loggers can be used for years to monitor air filters. This makes it possible to study the evolution of clogging in detail, so you can better rationalise replacement costs.

Equipped with lithium batteries, our units are easy to install and secure. They can be used to retrieve data via a wired connection (USB), but also via a wireless connection, or even LoRa (long distance and low power consumption) for the Tracklog model, which also provides SMS and email alerts

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KP 320

Differential pressure

The highly accurate KP 320 Differential Pressure Data Logger with wireless connection is the ideal high performance data logger for critical room pressurization applications.

Data Loggers are widely used in agriculture, industry and clinical laboratories to monitor a variety of parameters.

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KP - TrackLog

LoRa®-Powered Pressure Data Loggers

The KP TrackLog Data Logger records differential pressure.

LoRa® is a Low Power Wide Area Network. It offers a mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission that is making our world a Smart Planet.

General conditions of sale

KP 320 filtration
Metrological services

Metrological services

To guarantee the integrity of your pressure transmitters, our metrologists come to your site (France only). Drawing on our 45 years of expertise in metrology, they can carry out on-site calibrations and checks for all brands, often without dismantling equipment.

Our Montpon-Ménestérol laboratories specialise in all air parameters, and are also ISO 17025 accredited in thermometry and hygrometry. Two dozen experts are on hand to check and calibrate all your equipment if required.

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