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Maintaining filter efficiency

Indoor air quality is

Indoor air quality is of prime importance in enclosed spaces such as commercial and public buildings. The accuracy and reliability of the instruments used to monitor the status of air handling unit (AHU) filters is therefore essential.

Air handling unit filters act as protective shields for the comfort and health of users, but they can also become clogged. To prevent clogging, protect the air handling system and save energy, it is essential to monitor the differential pressure across these filters.


Parameters to be monitored

  • Differential pressure

    Pression différentielle
Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Our pressostats, manometers and differential pressure transmitters keep a watchful eye on the clogging and fouling of AHU filters. Continuous monitoring of these filters ensures preventive maintenance of air handling systems.

Our electronic transmitters designed to monitor filters are versatile and ultra-reliable. They can trigger visual and audible alarms, and send their measurements to the building management system. In addition, some have an auto-zero mechanism for constant accuracy over time.

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Pressostats différentiels

Le pressostat différentiel mécanique Si-DPMS offre une solution fiable, simple et efficace de contrôle de pression d’éléments aérauliques tels que conduits, filtres ou ventilateurs.
Il convient également pour la protection contre la surchauffe et le gel dans les systèmes de refroidissement industriels.

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MG Series

Inclined Liquid Column Manometers

Kimo's MG series are inclined liquid column manometers with AWS.10 manometer liquid with a density of 0.87.

Inclined liquid column manometers measure slight variations in pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas.

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A manostat is a pressure gauge which has a switch inside its casing. At a selected pressure the switch activates an electrical contact and stops the machine on which it is wired.

Kimo’s PST is used to control pressure.

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Spot measurements

Spot measurements

Our portable differential pressure measurement instruments can be used to carry out the frequent checks required on filtration systems. Certain models with modular probes allow other types of measurement (flow, temperature, etc.).

Portable and reliable, our instruments are there to meet all the needs of technicians performing air handling unit checks, inspections and commissioning. From the pocket micromanometer to the multifunction instrument, all variants are available to meet every type of task.

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Digital Differential Pressure Manometer

The palm-sized Sauermann Si-PM3 digital differential pressure manometer easily measures pressure.

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MP 210


Kimo’s MP 210 micromanometer measures pressure, air velocity, airflow, temperature, tachometry, gas leak and carbon monoxide (up to 6 simultaneous measurements).

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Data logging & traceability

Data logging & traceability

Compact and fully autonomous, our differential pressure data loggers continuously monitor filter clogging. The real-time display allows visual inspection of the measured values, optimising maintenance operations.

Easy to install and secure, our lithium battery-powered units record differential pressure for several years - so you can rationalise filter replacement by analysing the way they clog up. The Tracklog version communicates over long distances and can send alerts by SMS/email (LoRa).

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KP 320

Differential pressure

The highly accurate KP 320 Differential Pressure Data Logger with wireless connection is the ideal high performance data logger for critical room pressurization applications.

Data Loggers are widely used in agriculture, industry and clinical laboratories to monitor a variety of parameters.

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KP - TrackLog

LoRa®-Powered Pressure Data Loggers

The KP TrackLog Data Logger records differential pressure.

LoRa® is a Low Power Wide Area Network. It offers a mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission that is making our world a Smart Planet.

General conditions of sale

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Metrological services

Metrological services

Backed by 45 years of expertise in metrology, our metrological technicians come to your site (France only) to calibrate your instruments without service disruption for the majority of air parameters, whatever the brand of your sensors.

For more specific requirements, our twenty metrology experts calibrate all brands of equipment in our French laboratories for all air parameters (Cofrac ISO 17025 accreditation for temperature and hygrometry in Montpon).

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45 years of experience

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