Kimo's MT range of inclined liquid column portable manometers are recommended for those in the heating trade for checking pressures in chimney flues, combustion chambers, filters etc.

Safety reservoir enabling momentaneous overshooting of the scale
Zero adjustment by moving the slide strip
Integrated spirit level for adjusting horizontality
Equipped with valve connectors, magnetic fixations, support with base plate
Can be used for measuring air velocity with Pitot tube

    MT 40

    • Differential pressure
      0-40 mmCE

    Technical details

    • Parameters
      Differential pressure
    • Manometer type
      Inclined liquid column manometer
    • Manometric liquid
      Huile VOLT 1S, densité 1,86 à 20°C
    • Maximum static pressure
      6 bars
    • Reservoir capacity
      20 ml

    Instrument Dimensions

    • Length
      208 mm
    • Width
      93 mm
    • Height
      37 mm
    • Weight
      800 g

    Operating temperature

    • Min
      -30.00 °C
    • Max
      60.00 °C
    Connecting sleeves
    1 bottle of VOLT 1 S liquid
    1 travelling case