New airflow measurement cones: providing perfect reliability

Airflow cones

Designed for vane anemometers, the two new Kimo airflow cones offer highly accurate measurements.

Sauermann Group is launching two new volumetric air flow measurement cones under its historic Kimo brand, which has over 45 years' measurement experience. These two products are designed for specialist professionals in light commercial and industrial installations, where the Kimo brand holds a strong reputation.

  • Supply and exhaust volume flow rate
  • Compact, easy to handle single-piece design
  • Designed for all major air vents
  • Integrated airflow straightener
  • For Ø 100 mm vane anemometers
  • Transport bag and Quick Start Guide

The Si-K25 and Si-K85 are designed for 100 mm diameter propeller anemometers. These cones feature a new airflow straightener technology to perfect measurements accuracy.

The integrated flow straightener is a honeycomb structure featuring numerous orifices. This system significantly reduces turbulence with minimal resistance. It produces a laminar airflow that stabilises measurements made with a vane anemometer, thus improving the reliability and accuracy of the readings.

Airflow cones

The Si-K25 and Si-K85 are perfectly suited to Kimo LV 110 and LV 130, VT 210, MP 210 and AMI 310 thermo-anemometers. The Si-K85 square cone can be used on medium-sized vents up to 350 x 350 mm. The Si-K25 round cone is designed for small and medium-sized vents up to 260 mm in diameter. These cones feature a compact unibody design with no parts to assemble, making them easy to handle, especially in tight spaces.

Manufactured in France at Sauermann's Montpon-Ménestérol plant in Dordogne, these cones are moulded, assembled and tested in-house on the company's production lines and in its laboratories.

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