Part number 

This double wire clamps are used to ensure safe connection between connectors and braided PVC tube Ø 6 mm (1/4').

Part number 

To facilitate the installation of the detection unit of a mini pump detection unit into a mini split. 

Part number 

To connect two Ø 10 mm  (3/8'') clear PVC tubes.

Previously Ref ACC00228


Part number 

To connect two Ø 6 mm (1/4') clear PVC tubes.

Previously Ref ACC00204

Part number 

This elbow adaptor is used to connect a detection unit to the condensate tray. Its length (142 mm, 6''), width (35 mm, 19/32'') or diameter (16 mm, 5/8'') make it easy to install.

Part number 

Gel-clear tablet: the proven anti-biofilm solution. Keeps the condensate drain clear and Reduces water leaks by 90-100% .
One tablet per case per year.

Part number 

This fitting is perfect for connecting clear tubing to new/first PVC tubing installations with glue recommended on the PVC end.

Part number 
To ensure adherence to local laws on condensate (which differ in varying jurisdictions), it is recommended installers check granulate levels at least once a year and replace as needed with Sauermann S
Part number 

Anti vibration mounting bracket for the Sauermann SI2750 pump.

Previously Ref ACC00304

Part number 

To connect tubes of Ø 6 mm (1/4'') or Ø 10 mm (3/8") to tubes of Ø 12 mm (1/2'') or 16 mm (5/8'').

Previously PE5003