Ultraflat pump with a solution against biofilm
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Specially designed to handle the condensates from supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, the Si-93 pump  also offers a proven solution against the formation of biofilm with its Gel-Clear tablet. The compact, ergonomic design of the pump facilitates installation under low-slung display cabinets. 

Gel-clear tablet: the proven anti-biofilm solution
Easy installation – easy maintenance
Reduced operation costs
Stainless steel unit

Technical details

Max flow rate1 gph, 360 l/h
Max discharge head1 ft, 20 m
Max pressure30 m
Mains supply230 V~50/60 Hz - 60 W – 0.30 A
Operation conditions30%: 3s ON – 7s OFF
Tank volume6 l
Weight6,7 kg
Master pack quantity1
Safety switch 
NC 8 A resistive - 250 V
Integrated detection floats

Pump dimensions

Pump366 mm107 mm89 mm
Tank529 mm259 mm69 mm
Packaging600 mm400 mm120 mm

Detection levels

ON46 mm
OFF29 mm

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 60
Kit contents 
Stainless steel unit including membrane pump, Integral detector
1.5 m plug in power cable: 2 power wires, 2 safety contact wires.
Rubber top inlet adaptor int. diam 32, 40, and 50 mm.
Through the wall – Female diam. 40 mm side inlet.
Outlet discharge adaptor diam. 1/2” to 10 mm
2 Gel-clear tablets
Safety standards 
RoHS and WEEE directives 
Technical data sheet