Compact design
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 The Si-61 is a piston pump with built-in tank (0,37l) designed to remove acidic condensates from gas condensing boilers up to 50 kW. 

The Sauermann® technology inside the pump enables small particle removal. Together with the innovative float, this technology makes the pump fully reliable in a condensing boiler environment. 

Very small, the Si-61 can always be easily installed. 

Higher Lift than a centrifugal pump
Resistant to pollution
Easy to install

Technical details

Max flow rate5 gph, 10 l/h
Max discharge head20 ft, 6 m
Max pressure8 m
Insulation classDouble insulation
Mains supply230V ~ 50/60Hz ~ 10 W
Operation conditions100%
Tank volume0,37 l
Weight1,08 kg
Master pack quantity5
Safety switch 
NC 4 A résistive – 250V
Integrated, magnet
Thermal protection 
90°C (auto-reset)

Pump dimensions

Pump168 mm90 mm88 mm
Packaging293 mm136 mm183 mm

Detection levels

ON28 mm
OFF24 mm

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 28
Kit contents 
Si-61 piston pump
Integrated float detection unit
1.5m lockable plug-in power cable: 2 power wires, 2 safety switch wires
Inlet rubber adapter int.15-20-24-32-40mm
Anti vibration wall-mount bracket with rubber dampers
5m tubing int. 6mm
Drain Safe Device
Self-sealing discharge fitting
4 double wire spring clips
2 screws + 2 plugs
Safety standards 
RoHS and WEEE directives 
Technical data sheet