Compact design for installation versatility
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The high performance Si-30 is suitable for air-conditioning units up to 20 kW.

The piston technology is specifically designed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems.

The Si-30 is fully reliable in any kind of environment. Its operating sound level will remain silent whatever the volume of condensates.

Patented Piston Technology
Anti siphon, prolongs the life of the pump
Quiet operation: 20 dBA

Technical details

Max flow rate5 gph, 20 l/h
Max discharge head33 ft, 10 m
Max suction head10 ft, 3 m
Max pressure46 ft, 14 m
Insulation classDouble insulation
Mains supply230V~ 50Hz - 14 W
Operation conditions100%
Weight1.10 lb, 0,48 kg
Master pack quantity20
Safety switch 
NC 8 A resistive - 250 V
Detection unit
Thermal protection 
115° C (automatic restart)

Pump dimensions

Pump66 mm43,5 mm60 mm
Detection unit55 mm38 mm37,5 mm
Packaging135 mm135 mm90 mm

Detection levels

ON16 mm
OFF11 mm

Pump sound levels

at 3,3ft or 1m according to EN ISO3744 (dBA)<= 20
at 3,3ft or 1m in application (dBA)<= 27
Kit contents 
Si-30 pump
Clear PVC tube int. 1/4 (6mm) – L: 3 ¼ (1m), fitted with a « Drain Safe Device » pre-mounted.
Anti-vibration mounting bracket
5ft (1.5 m) lockable plug-in power cable: 2 power wires, 2 safety contact wires.
6 tie wraps, 1/10'' x 4'' (2.5 x 100 mm)
Detection unit - SI2958, 5 ft (1.5 m) cable
Detection unit installation kit:rubber elbow 90°, vent tube, mounting rail, adhesive.
Safety standards 
UL/CSA by Intertek
RoHS and WEEE directives 
Technical data sheet 
Wiring diagram