The Sauermann Group acquires KIMO Management Finance Group

Sauermann Group, worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and commercializing pumps for condensate removal, has acquired (through its French company Sauermann Industrie SA) the French family-owned KGF Group SA (“KGF”) to significantly expand its offer to HVACR* professionals. The parties agreed not to disclose financial terms of the transaction.

KGF is made-up of three operational companies:  KIMO SA, Taulou SAS and Katrem SARL. They are part of the HVACR industry and active in designing, manufacturing and selling instruments aimed at measuring and controlling indoor air quality. KGF employs some 300 people and achieved revenues of 34 million € in 2014. Kimo is the most important part of KGF, with almost 85% of the employees and some 30 million € in 2014. It is the market leader for measurement instruments in France.

“Starting in 2004, we began setting steep objectives: from transformations within our financial structure, to strengthening our presence in all 4 segments of the HVACR sector, to establishing organizations in Asia / Pacific and North America. All of these targets were achieved successfully. Even with these accomplishments, we were determined to go further” said Serge Bohyn (CEO of the Sauermann Group). “Sauermann and KGF are extraordinarily complementary. We fit together perfectly. Our geographic structures fit. As do our organization charts. And from an R&D perspective, exciting new products are sure to follow. Our combined future is bright, of that I am certain.”

The transaction, supported by the French investment bank CM-CIC, was concluded and effective on July 8th, 2015.