Protecting Rare Objects : The Importance of Good IAQ in Museums


Note:The blog below includes information from the Sauermann Group`s Kimo brand. A recognised leader of portable and fixed measurement equipment for over 30 years, Kimo provides a wide range of measuring solutions for pressure, temperature, humidity, air velocity, airflow, gas analysis, air quality, sound level, and other parameters. In 2015, Kimo joined the Sauermann Group. The Group operates two main brands: Sauermann for condensate removal pumps (including accessories and solution kits) and instruments for improving indoor air quality, and Kimo for instruments aimed at measuring and monitoring air parameters.

Museums, libraries and archives are all custodians of national heritage, but environmental conditions can often take a heavy toll on rare objects such as paintings and books.

Variances in temperature, relative humidity, light and pollution can wreak havoc on valuable collections. For example, high humidity can cause mold and other biological threats. Low RH causes materials to dry out and contract.

The safekeeping of a museum or library’s collection can be assured by providing adequate environmental conditions. Museums and libraries should try to maintain humidity levels of 40 to 45 percent RH. This level of humidity prevents drying out of the materials while preventing warping and mildew. 

Air conditioning systems and measuring instruments are invaluable in preserving library and archival materials. 

To mitigate against high humidity conditions, air conditioning systems with condensate removal pumps can cool and dehumidify museum and library environments while removing excess water. For example, the Si-82 is an ideal centrifugal condensate removal pump for museums, libraries and other large buildings with important stock. It is designed to evacuate heavy and contaminated condensates that may be produced in large environmentally-controlled buildings. The Si-82 can remove up to 500 liters per hour. 

For  accurate measurements of relative humidity and temperature in museums and other environments, a digital hygrometer is by far the best way to go. The Sauermann Group`s Kimo brand has a variety of hygrometers that are suitable for any environment.

When you need to protect important goods such as rare objects in museums, look no further than the Sauermann Group for ensuring your indoor air quality (IAQ).

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