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The  slim design of the SI-20 allows it to easily fit inside a mini-split air conditioner, but also alongside the unit (in lineset cover).

The Sauermann piston technology inside the Si-20 is specifically constructed for removing condensates from air conditioning systems. This technology makes the Si-20 fully reliable in any kind of environment.

The operating sound level of the Si-20 will remain low (22 dBA) whatever the amount of condensate. The Si-20 pump is fitted with unique rubber dampers designed to reduce noise caused by vibration.

The Si-20 is also fitted with a pre-installed Drain Safe Device, for a unique reliability in any kind of installation.

Modern design

Easy installation

Low sound levels

Easy maintenance

Proven reliability

    Technical details

    • Max flow rate
      20 l/h
    • Max discharge head
      10 m
    • Max pressure
      14 m
    • Max suction head
      3 m
    • Insulation class
      Double insulation
    • Mains supply
      230 V ~ 50 Hz - 14 W
    • Operation conditions
      100 % - Continuous duty
    • Master pack quantity
    • Safety switch
      NC 8A resistive – 250V
    • Detection
      Detection unit

    Pump Dimensions

    • Length
    • Pump
      180 mm
      27 mm
      27 mm
    • Packaging
      173 mm
      160 mm
      72 mm

    Safety standards

    • CE

    ROHS and WEE directives

    • Compliant
    1 Si-20 piston pump with
    1 Detection unit, 0.63 m cable
    1 2 anti-vibration rubber dampers
    1 Clear PVC tube Ø int. 6 mm – L: 60 mm, fitted with a « Drain Safe Device » pre-mounted
    1 1.5 m power cable: 2 power wires, 2 safety contact wires.
    1 2-part shell (back plate and cover).
    1 Detection unit installation kit: rubber elbow 90° Ø int. 15 x L 152 mm, vent tube Ø int. Ø int. 4 x L 75 mm, 3 double wire clamp
    1 3 screws and plugs for fixing back plate