SI-RM3 / SI-RV3 / SI-RM13

Topic 1: Hardware 

1. What batteries do the pressure probes in the various kits take?
Each probe takes three AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries. 

2. How long do the batteries last in the Si-RM3 and Si-RV3 probes?
The Si-RM3 and Si-RV3 probes have a battery life of 250 hours. A flashing red LED indicates when the batteries are exhausted and need replacing. 

3. How do I connect the pressure probes to the equipment I want to test?
Connect the pressure probe with the blue elastomer to the low-pressure pipe, and the pressure probe with the red elastomer to the high-pressure pipe. Both probes connect to the equipment using the female connector. 

4. What pipe sizes are the clamp-on temperature probes designed to fit?
Sauermann clamp-on temperature probes are designed to fit pipes up to 2 inches in diameter. 

5. How do I connect the instruments to equipment containing R-410A gas?
To connect to equipment containing R-410A gas, you will need to use the ACC25830 connector (not included in the Si-RM3 kit – sold separately). 


Topic 2: App 

6. Where can I get the Si-Manifold app?
You can download the Si-Manifold app free of charge from Google Play Store or App Store. Scan the QR code on your Sauermann Manifold instrument’s packaging to go directly to the relevant download page. 

7. What iOS or Android operating system do I need to use the app?
The Si-Manifold app is compatible with iOS version 8.0 or above, and Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or above. 

8. How do I update the Si-Manifold app?
You will receive a notification when an update is available. Simply download the update from Google Play Store or App Store. 

9. What types of measurement can I perform with the Si-Manifold app?
You can use the Si-Manifold app to measure pressure (manifold menu), temperature (manifold menu), vacuum (vacuometer menu) and leak-tightness (dedicated menu). 

10. Where do I find the measurement results in the Si-Manifold app?
There are three ways to view measurements taken by Sauermann connected probes: you can see the results on screen directly in gauge format, in tabular format, or in graph format. 

11. Can I save my measurements in the Si-Manifold app?
Yes. You can use the Si-Manifold app to save your measurements and generate PDF reports. The app includes menus that enable you to configure maintenance reports. You can even forward the reports by email, provided that your tablet or smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and has a built-in email app. You can also use the app to take photos for inclusion in your maintenance report. 

12. Can I use the Si-Manifold app to change the gas type during an inspection?
Yes, the app contains a dedicated menu for this purpose. There are more than 120 types of gas to choose from, and you can create a list of 10 favourites to save you time during inspections. 


Topic 3: Connection 

13. How do I detect my probes?
To detect your probes: 

  • Switch on the probes. 
  • Open the Si-Manifold app. 
  • Tap “Connexion à la sonde” (Connect to probe) (select LP or HP). 
  • In the window that appears, tap “Rechercher les sondes” (Search for probes), and the app will begin searching for probes, which appear on screen as they are detected. 

14. How do I pair the app with my probes?
Once you have detected probe (see question 13), select it then tap “Appairer” (Pair): the option appears when you have selected the relevant probe. Turn on the “Toujours associer” (Always pair) switch to save your high-pressure and low-pressure probes. They will be detected automatically in future. 

15. My smartphone has lost connection with my probes. Why might this have happened?
There are several reasons why the connection could drop: 

  • The probe is switched off – switch it back on again. 
  • Your smartphone is too far away from the probe – try moving them closer together. 
  • Bluetooth® is turned off on your smartphone – turn it back on again. 
  • The green LED is flashing quickly, which means that the probe is not paired – try pairing with your smartphone again. 

16. What is the maximum distance between my smartphone and my probes?
Around 30 metres in the open. 

17. What statuses does the LED indicate?
The LED indicates four different statuses: 

  • Switched off: the probe is switched off or in bootloader mode. 
  • Flashing green (quickly): the probe is ready to be detected and paired. 
  • Flashing green (slowly): the probe is paired and ready for use. 
  • Red: the batteries are exhausted and should be replaced. 

18. Is there an auto switch-off function?
Yes. The auto switch-off function is set to 5 minutes, but you can adjust this up to 59 minutes. 

19. My Si-RM3 probes disconnect (LED flashing green, quickly) when I switch from the manifold menu to the vacuometer menu. Is this normal?
Yes, this is perfectly normal. If you have stored the probes in the app (see question 14), they will reconnect automatically the next time you open the manifold menu (check that the probes are still switched on, i.e. the LEDs are flashing). 

20. The app has shut down. How do I reconnect?
You do not need to detect the probes again. They will reconnect automatically if you have stored them in the app (see question 14).